Laila Biali Radiance Project Tour

Laila Biali bandIt was a great pleasure to join the great Laila Biali for the last three dates on her Radiance Project Canadian Tour, along with Ben Wittman, Alex McMaster, Anna Atkinson and Graham Campbell. Amazing music and people. Laila is an outstanding singer, pianist and songwriter and her new album is really something special. Check it out!

Interview with Bobby Gottesman /

I sat down with prog blogger Bobby Gottesman last week for a coffee and chat at Jet Fuel in Cabbagetown.
He didn’t have a lot of questions for me really, just sort of let me talk. And he didn’t write much down, so I wasn’t sure what he’d come away with.
In the end, this is how it turned out!
Thanks Bobby!

The Harp is closing

The Harp is a pub in Port Credit, Ontario, not far from the shores of Lake Ontario. For some reason, or assortment of reasons, this is an area that absolutely loves live music. I’ve been playing most Sunday nights there with the Nomads (and a special guest every week) for four years. It’s pretty much always full, and many of the people are loyal regulars who come every week. Our special guests have included Tony “Wild T” Springer, Jack DeKeyzer, John Ellison, Tyler Yarema, Johnny Max, Virgil Scott and so many others. The audience listens attentively and/or dances, and generally involve themselves in all the best ways. It’s the kind of live music environment all musicians appreciate.
So it was with sadness that I recieved the news this week that the Harp will close its doors on June 1. I understand the business reasons and should mention that the wonderful owner, Maureen, will continue the cause a couple of doors down at Shore. So in a sense, the scene will just be moving about thirty feet east. But I will always miss the retro, slightly grubby pub charm, the great food, great staff and friendly regulars at the Harp. Much of this will continue, but please allow me at least a few weeks of grieving. Thanks, Harp…

Live at Eglinton Grand

Tonight I played with the Dave Murphy Band at the Eglinton Grand, once known as the Eglinton Theater. This is where I used to go see movies when I was a kid.
I distinctly remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark there for the cost of six video games: $1.50.