I’ve been active as an independent marketing consultant in the MI (musical instruments) industry for almost 20 years, working with various manufacturers around the world to support their marketing, branding, communications, artist relations, content creation and social media.

From January 2005 to December 2012, my main client was the Italian company Parsek srl, owners of bass amp brand Markbass, guitar amp brand DV MarkMarkacoustic (acoustic amps), Mark Audio (PA gear), Mark Drum (electronic drums) and Musicians World (clothing and accessories). I managed international promotion, marketing and artist relations. The first thing I did for Markbass was to re-write their 2005 product catalog; this included creating the slogan “Bass at its Best”, which endured for over a decade. In my artist relations work for them, I signed many internationally renowned bassists and guitarists including Alain Caron, Michael Manring, Robbie Shakespeare, Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Mark Egan, Neil Jason, Evan Marien, Tom Kennedy, Tommy Shannon (Stevie Ray Vaughan), Stanley Sheldon (Peter Frampton), Orion (Behemoth), Danny Kortchmar and Dean Brown. I wrote press releases, web copy, and manuals, and single-handedly wrote and edited “Mark Magazine”; supported international distributors in their promotion and marketing work; managed social media, press relations, and more. I travelled to the U.S., Sweden, Japan and China to train dealers and distributors about Markbass products. When I took on Parsek as a client, Markbass was a small company with a handful of employees and a few distributors internationally. With my help, the brand broke in North America and worldwide, and became an industry leader in bass amplification.

From early 2013 to the end of 2019, my main client was Absara Audio LLC: owners of the legendary American guitar and amplifier brand Supro and the innovative effect pedal manufacturer Pigtronix. My work for them included artist relations, copywriting and social media. President David Koltai called me “the voice of Supro.” Supro’s artist roster included Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Paul Simon, Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Brian Setzer, Robby Krieger (The Doors), Richard Fortus (Guns ‘N Roses), Lenny Kravitz, Paramore, The Cure, Adrian Belew, Snarky Puppy and many others. Pigtronix’s artist roster included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Andy Summers (The Police), Alice in Chains, Weezer, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah), Bootsy Collins and many others. I helped revive the Supro brand (acquired by Absara Audio in 2013) from a state of dormancy to one of the world’s top amp and guitar makers.

In 2019 I was contracted to produce five official Markbass product demo videos. I wrote the scripts, spoke and played onscreen, shot and edited the video, recorded and mixed the audio (including original music!). In July 2022, I was flown to Italy to manage press relations for the launch of the MB58R line of products, writing and sending the press releases, managing all follow-ups, securing press coverage in all the important international bass and guitar publications and websites, and arranging product reviews.

Since 2020, I’ve been working with the Chinese brand Xvive, manufacturers of wireless systems and accessories for musicians. This has included managing a complete redesign of their website: securing the xvive.com domain and rebranding the company from Xvive Audio to Xvive, designing the structure of the site, directing the production of photography and video, writing all text, and introducing new site features over time. In addition to writing all copy for web, advertising, e-newsletters and press releases, I’ve consulted the brand on e-communications, artist relations, advertising, and more. I also created 14 official product videos for the brand, and came up with the slogan “Play Free”.

Other recent clients have included Sonicmind (Slovenia) and B&G Guitars (Israel).


Brian Bethke (Former CEO, Supro and Pigtronix)
“Peter was a highly trusted and respected part of the Supro team for over 6 years and remains a personal friend. He was a key part of developing and growing a very successful artist program for both Supro and Pigtronix, as well as the trusted voice of our social media presence. As a writer and copy editor his skills are completely top notch and highly professional. On top of all that, he is a fantastic musician and a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Lettieri (Guitarist, Snarky Puppy)
“Peter was my artist relations contact while he worked at Supro Amplifiers. He always made sure I had whatever I needed, anytime, anywhere in the world! Solid, and an all-around professional. He’s a colleague, but also a great friend!”

Dave Marotta (Bassist, Colbie Caillat, Carl Verheyen, Gino Vannelli etc.)
“The latest official demos that Peter Murray has done for Markbass products are simply the most concise, clearly stated and informative demos I have ever seen. His knowledge of the products is evident and I especially like the way he will set up a looped pattern on the bass and then demonstrate how each function of the amp affects the sound being reproduced. All in all, very helpful in the decision making process for the consumer.”

Keith Brawley (VP of Sales at Taylor Guitars; previously President for North America at Gibson USA, and an executive at Musician’s Friend)
“Peter is an excellent brand representative and all-around music professional. He is easy to work with, knowledgeable, committed to success and refreshingly ethical. Peter is understanding and intuitive, focused and pleasant. I highly recommend Peter to any organization needing a combination of musical and business ability.”

Mitch Colby (Owner, Colby Amplification and Partner, Sundragon; previously VP at Korg USA, then a consultant with Parsek srl)
“I worked with Peter at Parsek/Markbass for a year and a half. In that time I came to appreciate his diligence and dedication, which contributed to the success of the company. His superior product knowledge, marketing savvy, pleasant demeanor and bass playing competence were all key to his success. I would highly recommend Peter for many positions and would love to work with him again someday.”

Evan Skopp (President, Inside Track, previously VP at Seymour Duncan)
“I know Peter both as an endorsed Seymour Duncan artist and as a bass player who I performed with, together with Seymour, at a clinic and show in Toronto a few years back. He’s a really personable guy, an awesome musician, and a great brand ambassador. Any musical instruments company would be well-served to have him on their team.”

Gary Ciocci (Managing Director, Premier Guitar; previously with NewBay Media / Guitar Player / Bass Player)
“Peter is very knowledgeable about the customers and market he serves. He has hands-on user experience combined with a strong sense of customer demand and product knowledge. He is a good communicator and is a pleasure to work with.”

Bill Leigh (Principal, The Amplify Group; previously Editor-in-Chief of Bass Player magazine)
“It was first as a journalist reviewing his book and music that I encountered Peter Murray, and then as Editor in Chief of Bass Player magazine, working with him as a writer. As an artist, teacher, and writer, he was talented and hard-working, and easy-going yet disciplined. So when I first heard he’d be promoting Markbass in North America, I knew that the innovative amp brand would be even bigger here than in Europe, which is exactly what happened under Peter’s watch. Knowledgeable and diplomatic, Peter’s every effort was carefully crafted and boldly executed. One of the Markbass press events Peter presented sticks in my mind as one of the best executed I’ve ever attended. And I have to admit: though the stars ultimately weren’t aligned, on more than one occasion I tried to recruit Peter to come work for me. Good thing though, because the impact he had at Markbass was phenomenal. I have no doubt that Peter will continue to have an impact in whatever he undertakes.”

Hans-Erik Beck (Owner, ILT Scandinavia, Norway)
“Peter is a very dedicated person. Positive and always helpful. Not only a good musician/marketing/product guy, but also has a very good social talent that few people have.”

Carole Johnston (Managing Director, CMC Music Pty Ltd, Australia)
“Peter has always been very professional in his knowledge of the products we distribute as well as the competitors’ products. He is well-versed on the industry as a whole and keeps up-to-date with constant changes. I have always found Peter to be very easy to deal with and evenly tempered in what can be a challenging industry.”

Ignazio Vagnone (Independent consultant working with Jensen Speakers and others; Previously Director of International Sales at Presonus, and Pro Audio & Keyboards Brand Manager, Mogar Music SpA)
“I’ve worked side-by-side with Peter, promoting the sales and marketing for Markbass/Markaudio/DV Mark brands in the French and Spanish markets. Peter always performed with outstanding professionalism, providing all the possible and sometimes even some ‘impossible’ resources to support our local marketing activities. His deep knowledge of the products, natural understanding of the musician’s needs, together with his confident and charming approach to players, press people, opinion leaders and media in general, have been key factors for the creation and development of the Markbass/DV Mark artist relations network, one of the most respected and effective in the MI business worldwide.”

Paolo Burocchi (Managing Director, Proel International Ltd)
“Peter is a true professional. As a distributor of Markbass/DV Mark/Markaudio, I worked with him for many years. His product knowledge and accessibility are second to none. He was always willing to share ideas and to go the extra mile in helping us and our endorsees, and in promoting the profile of the brands in the most positive way.”