I’m a bass player, singer-songwriter, producer and writer based in Toronto, Canada. Currently I’m a member of the Dave Murphy Band, and Ten Feet Tall (XTC cover band). I released a solo singer-songwriter album in 2006 (Ants and Angels) and published an instructional bass book (Essential Bass Technique, Hal Leonard Corp.) in 1995. I’ve also written for Bass Player and Canadian Musician magazines.

As the bassist and backup vocalist for the Dave Murphy Band, I’m working several nights a week in the Toronto, Canada area. I also freelance with other bands and artists.

Dave Murphy Band

From 2008 to 2017 I was the bassist for progressive rock band Druckfarben, appearing on the debut CD Druckfarben in 2011, the live DVD Artifact in 2013, and Second Sound in 2014.


Through the 1990s I was the bassist, backup vocalist and co-writer for surrender dorothy, and with them I was signed internationally to MCA/Universal Records and BMG Publishing. Our album serum came out in 1997 in Europe, Canada, Mexico and Malaysia. We toured in Europe (mostly Germany, but also France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Holland and England) seven times, showcased in Texas (SXSW), Alberta and the UK, played lots of big festivals, shot four music videos, played live on TV for 6 million viewers, and got a four-bunny review in German Playboy.

surrender dorothy, Horseshoe Tavern, 1996

I’ve been a member of other original bands including Advance Green, Enjoy, Michael Holt and the Kids, and experimental improv group Retainer. I’ve also performed with Honeymoon Suite, Madison Violet, Shaye, Monkey House, Rheostatics, EchoTestTwo Thirds Water, Broad Way Sleep, Lotus Positions, The Sattalites, Whole Sum, Invisible Inc, Hush Hush and Snailhouse (Michael Feuerstack).

Advance Green, Nag’s Head (Toronto) 1985
Enjoy, Nag’s Head (Toronto) 1988
Michael Holt and the Kids, Catweazle (Toronto) 2017

I’ve toured with world-renowned singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith (Blue Boy World Tour 2001-02), Damhnait Doyle (Hyperdramtic Tour, 2000), Laila Biali (House of Many Rooms Tour 2015), and Royal Wood, and played concerts/gigs with Sass Jordan, Suzie McNeil, Andy Kim, Bob Wiseman, Feist, Martina Sorbara (Dragonette), Sisters Euclid, Tenille TownesTomi Swick, Morgan Finlay, Angie Grant, Joel Plaskett, Alfie Zappacosta, Michael Holt, Rob Szabo, David CeliaJory Nash, Kevin Fox, Michelle Willis, Tyler Shaw, Andrew Cole, Greg Wyard, Bageshree Vaze, Alysha Brilla, Blair Packham, Lori Cullen, John Alcorn, Jennifer Foster, Theo Tams, Andy Maize (Skydiggers), Brian Macmillan, Treasa Levasseur, Justin Hines, Andrea Koziol, Shane Phillips, Clara Venice, Jessica Mitchell, Fergus Hambleton, Ronley Teper, Adam Warner, Alex Machin (A Foot in Coldwater), David Matheson, Sean Cullen, Marc Cooper (Coop DeVille), Graham Powell, Kat Goldman, Dominic Mancuso, Rich Hamelin, Scarlett (Running Red Lights), Terrance Gowan, Michelle Titian, Paul Myers, Julie Penner, Kate Fair, Celleste, Simon Wilcox, Andy Carey, Kathy Phippard, Scott Celani, Christina Paoletta, Ashley Alford, Dana Edmonds, Vivian George, Kim Erin, and John Ellison (who wrote “Some Kinda Wonderful”).

Ron Sexsmith, Tokyo 2002
scan0005 copy
Damhnait Doyle, Hamilton 2000
Laila Biali and the Radiance Project, Toronto 2015
Tomi Swick at wine festival
Tomi Swick, Hamilton 2008
Royal Wood, Montreal 2006

I’ve performed live with many of Canada’s blues greats, including Jerome Godboo, Rita Chiarelli, Jeff Healey, Chuck Jackson, Danny Marks, Jack DeKeyzer, Liberty Silver, Johnny Max, Roly Platt, Jake Chisholm, Tyler Yarema, Robin Banks, Sean Pinchin, Jimmy Zee, Sean CottonShakura S’Aida and Brant Parker.

Jeff Healey and the Jerome Godboo Band, 2001

I’ve played live on stage with many incredible musicians…
GUITARISTS including Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses), Phil X (Bon Jovi), Seymour Duncan, Stevie Salas (Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, George Clinton), Kevin Breit (Sisters Euclid, Norah Jones), Colin James, Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), Donna Grantis (Prince), Adrian Eccleston (Drake, Kylie Minogue), Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga), Mike Krompass (Smashmouth), Kurt Swinghammer, Tony “Wild T” Springer, Teddy Kumpel (Joe Jackson), Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors), Ken Greer (Red Rider), Colin Linden, Michel Cusson (Uzeb), Andrew Aldridge, Peter Mathers, Michael Keith, Marc Cooper, Sil Simone, Adam Smale, Aidan Mason (Anne Murray), Mike Daley, Bernie LaBarge, Martin Tielli (Rheostatics), Phillip Sayce (Melissa Etheridge), Jake Langley (Joey DeFrancesco), Jason Fowler, Tony Zorzi, Shawn Kellerman, Terry Blersh, Pat Rush, Vinnie Dombroski and Joey Mazzola (Sponge).

Seymour Duncan
michel cusson
Michel Cusson (UZEB)
Breit Daley Murray 01
Kevin Breit and Mike Daley

DRUMMERS such as Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Blue Murder), Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Billy Idol), Rob Affuso (Skid Row), Brooks Wackerman (Infectious Grooves), Bobby Economou (Jaco Pastorius, Blood Sweat & Tears), Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors), Randy Cooke (Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart), Nick DiVirgilio (Spock’s Beard, Genesis), Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), Doug Yowell (Joe Jackson), Vito Rezza, Rick Gratton, Mark Kelso, Wilson Laurencin, Sun Ray, Dave Langguth (Nelly Furtado, Kim Mitchell), Mike Sloski, Al Cross, Paul DeLong, Gary Craig, Kevan McKenzie, Charlie Cooley, Paul Brennan, Chris Sutherland (Kim Mitchell), Steve Heathcote, Davide DiRenzo, Ben Riley, Shamakah Ali, Chris McNeill, Gary Taylor (Sisters Euclid), Al Webster, Giampaolo Scatozza, Don Pham, David Patel, Max Senitt, Jeff Salem, Mike Siracusa, Danny Lockwood, Ben Wittman, Chuck Keeping (Big Wreck), David Peters, Lyle Molzan, Adam Warner, Jim Casson, Dan Todd, Chris Perra, Tim Gittens and Deryck Roche.

randy cooke
Randy Cooke

KEYBOARDISTS: Robi Botos, Richard Bell (Janis Joplin, The Band, Bob Dylan), Lou Pomanti, Wade O. Brown, Rod Phillips, Dennis Keldie, Tony Patalino, Kevin Adamson (Roger Hodgson), Don Breithaupt, Chris Rouse, Rob Gusevs, Ron Lopata, Peter Kadar, Jesse O’Brien, James Gray (Blue Rodeo), Jono Grant and Bob Rae.
SAXOPHONISTS: Richard Underhill, Phil Poppa, Perry WhiteJohn Panchyshyn, Turner King, Simon Wallis, Jim Lawlis, Chris Gale, David French, Colleen Allen, Mike Filice, Sal Rosselli, Piero Tucci, Pat Carey, Peter Smith, Gene Hardy, Neil Brathwaite and Dennis Passley.
BASSISTS Alain Caron, Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Julie Slick, Chris Tarry, Steve Zsirai and Dan Roberts (Crash Test Dummies).

Julie Slick / EchoTest, Port Jefferson NY, 2016)

Although I’m by no means a serious or trained jazz musician, I grew up playing jazz with my dad Tim Murray (on piano) and we had a couple of jazz groups together: Phoenix and The Murray-Heath Jazz Trio. I was also a member of the Kensington Jazz Trio and the Moonrise Jazz Trio, and played a bit with saxophonist John Lennard.

phoenix live in lindsay2

I cut my teeth on gigging with cover bands, playing a huge range of music. I’ve been a member of The NomadsNaked Brunch (featuring the legendary Walter Zwol and a lineup of top musicians), the Anita Rossi Band (also a gig frequented by many of Toronto’s finest), the James Ashberry Band, Michael Roland and the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos, Chastity Pariah, The Band That Time Forgot (I was also the lead vocalist), By Coincidence, Rebel Sheep (featuring Tuku), The Simpletones (XTC tribute), Blue Sky, and The Desired Effect.

The Nomads
naked 2 copy
Naked Brunch
The Simpletones (XTC tribute) with Martin Tielli and Dave Clarke (Rheostatics) and Paul Myers, Barrie 1991
Ten Feet Tall (XTC tribute) at The Dakota Tavern, Toronto 2019

I’ve subbed with a gazillion other cover bands, including: The Dexters, Oakland Stroke (Tower of Power tribute), Nightfly, Material Men, Tom Barlow, Virgil Scott, Adam Cooke, Michael Danckert, Jeff Eager, The Rhythm Kings, The Mojo Kings, Arden and the Tourists, The High Rollers, Tracey Gallant, Traci Bulger, Carlo Coppola, VIP Blues Band, Deli Llamas, Adrien Breda, The Crown Jewels, Kevin Phillips & The Stew, Table 69, Krista Blondin, Linda Cara, Carmela Long, Sean Cotton, Déja Vu, The Bottle Devils, Strange Daze, Daniel Davies, Kenny McLean, Steven Ambrose, Blue Willow, Abbamania (ABBA tribute), Aleah D’Kos, Lou Pinto, Skip Tracer, Vivian Clement, Kenny Munshaw, Justin Time Band, Ascension Groove, The Crawlin Crawdads, Peter James Project, Julie Mahendran, Vince Bertucci, Jamie Oakes, and Kathleen Lovett.

Oakland Stroke with Peter
Oakland Stroke, 2015