Andy Carey                             Into the Storm                                               2002          bass
Andy Carey                             Closing Circle                                               2006          bass
“Colour” by Andy Carey, from Closing Circle

Brass Bikini                              Tastes Like Chicken                                      1993            bass
Broad Way Sleep                     Tales of Distraction                                       2014            bass
Cash Brothers                         Brand New Night (Rounder)                          2002           bass
“Sweet” by the Cash Brothers, from Brand New Night
Coop De Ville                         Shelter From the Storm                                  1994           bass
Damhnait Doyle                      Davnet                                                           2002          bass
“Is It Right” by Damhnait Doyle, from Davnet
David Celia                              Organica                                                         2002           vocals
David Celia                              This Isn’t Here                                                2006           drums
“Plain to See” by David Celia from This Isn’t Here, with me on drums
Dayna Manning                       Christmas Songs (Nettwerk/EMI)                   2000           bass
It’s In Everyone of Us by Dayna Manning, from Christmas Songs
Dead Lemmings                      Falling For You EP cassette                                              production
Dirt Farmer                               Canadian Beach                                                        2016           backing vocal
Don Kerr                                 Songs From the Sniffing Princess                  1999           bass
“Slowly off To A Dream” by Don Kerr from Songs From the Sniffing Princess
Druckfarben                            Druckfarben                                                  2011           bass, co-writing, vocal
“Influenza” by Druckfarben from Druckfarben
Druckfarben                            Artifact DVD                                                  2013           bass, co-writing, vocal, mandolin
Druckfarben                            A World With Heroes (KISS Tribute)                2013           bass
Druckfarben                            Second Sound                                               2014           bass, vocal
Enjoy                                       Introducing (indie cassette)                            1990?         bass
Ghandarvas                             Demos                                                                             bass
Hush Hush                              Cinematheque                                               2002           bass
Jason Farnham                       Barriers                                                         2006           bass
Jian Ghomeshi                        The First Six Songs                                       2002           bass
“Astronaut” by Jian Ghomeshi from The First Six Songs
Jory Nash                               One Way Down                                             1998           bass
“Many Fools Am I” by Jory Nash from One Way Down
Jory Nash                               Tangle With the Ghost                                   2000           bass
Jory Nash                               Folk Jazz Blues & Soul                                   2007           bass
Julie Doiron                            Joni Mitchell Tribute (unreleased)                                       bass
“All I Want” unreleased Joni Mitchell cover by Julie Doiron w/ Julien Beillard (Wooden Stars) and Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire)
Julie Penner                           EP                                                                                      bass
Kambiz Mirzaei                       Paper People                                                  2005           bass
Kevin Fox                               Come Alive                                                     2004          vocal
Kriya                                       …and then there was light                              2003           bass
Kylie Martin                            Kylie Martin                                                     2002           bass
Lights                                     Demos                                                            2002           bass
Loop Pool                                Pallindrome                                                                       bass
Lost Chord                              TBA                                                                 2017           bass
Madison Violet                        Demos                                                                               bass
Mia Sheard                             Reptilian (Perimiter/Universal)                         2000           bass
“Girly Man” by Mia Sheard from Reptilian
Michael Holt                          Pilot Single                                                       2003           bass, guitar
Michael Holt                          Windows                                                          2007           bass, drums, vocal
“I Am A Cloud” by Michael Holt from Windows
Michael Holt & The Kids        The Dawn Chorus                                            2009           bass, vocal, drums, guitar
Michael Holt & The Kids        Jubilation                                                          2011            bass, vocal, bass ukulele
“I Can’t Put it Into Words” by Michael Holt & The Kids from Jubilation, me on backup vocal and bass ukulele
Morgan Finlay                        Uppercut                                                                              bass
Morgan Finlay                        Everything Will Work Out Right                        2005            bass
“In a Perfect World” by Morgan Finlay, from Everything Will Work Out Right
Morgan Finlay                        Splice EP                                                          2005            bass
Morgan Finlay                        Shifting Through the Breakers                          2007            bass, production, drums, keyboards
“Night at the Mercury” by Morgan Finlay with me on bass, drums, keys and production
Mulch                                       ‘Round the Christmas Tree          1991               bass
Mulch                                       Groundbreaking                           1992              bass
Pamela Brennan                    One Hundred Photographs          2009            production, bass, vocal, Rhodes, percussion
Peter Murray                          vs. the Ants EP                            2002            bass, writing, guitar, vocal, drums, organ, glockenspiel
Peter Murray                         Ants and Angels                           2006            bass, production, writing, drums, guitar, vocal
“Angels” by yours truly, from Ants and Angels
Phil Naro                                title TBA                                                            2016              bass
The Release                          4-song EP                                                         1994?           production
Retainer                                 EP                                                                     2004            bass
“Fake Tongue”, totally improvised and recorded live by Retainer
Snailhouse                             Fine (Lunamoth/Grand Theft Autumn)               1994/2000     production, engineering, mixing
Soil                                        Unreleased album                                                                 bass
“Penicillin” by Soil, unreleased Matt DeMatteo production
Squiddly                                Unstoppable EP
Stewart Agnew                      Songs from the Gas Station                             2004           bass, organ, guitar, vocal
“Tin Can Morning” by Stewart Agnew, with me on bass, backup vocal and organ solo
surrender dorothy                 Unsigned Sealed & Delivered vol 5                 1994?          bass, co-write, vocal
surrender dorothy                 Over The Edge Compilation                            1994            bass, co-write, vocal
surrender dorothy                 Canadian Musician 15 Years                            1994            bass, co-write, vocal
surrender dorothy                 Exklusiv & Limitiert WOM EP                           1994            bass, co-write, vocal
surrender dorothy                 serum (MCA/Universal)                                   1996            bass, vocal, co-writing
“Alone” by surrender dorothy, from serum
surrender dorothy                  I Am (single) (MCA/Universal)                        1996            bass, vocal, co-writing
surrender dorothy                 Alone (single) (MCA/Universal)                       1996            bass, co-writing
surrender dorothy                 Alone (vinyl 12”) (MCA/Universal)                   1996            bass, co-writing
Tara Lynn Hart                        Demos                                                                             bass
“Almost Close Enough” by Tara Lynn Hart
Toronto Peace Farm              A Wish for Peace (video/single)                                         bass
“A Wish for Peace” by Toronto Peace Farm, led by Carlo Coppola
Two Thirds Water                  Waterworks                                                    1994            bass, vocal
Vivian George                       This Love                                                       2002           bass
Wooden Stars                       Raw Energy (On the Road) Compilation         1993             production
Wooden Stars                       Hate Everyone (SubPop single)                     1993             production
Wooden Stars                       People are Different (Sonic Unyon)               2007            production, engineering, vocal
“Boating Accident” by Wooden Stars, from People are Different

If you’re interested in having me play bass on your recording, please send me a message. If you’re looking to save money and/or you’re not in Toronto, I am able to record tracks in my home studio (The Junction Soundbox). I’m also open to discussing production projects.